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  Contents of Qigong for Self-Health Care

1: Basic Knowledge of Chinese Qigong

1. The General Concept of Qigong
2. A Review of the Initiation and History of Qigong
3.The Features of Qigong and the Rationale for Its Therapeutic Effects
4. Modern Researches on Qigong
5. The Principles for the Practice of Qigong
6. The Three Key Links for Qigong Exercise
7. The Time and Direction for Qigong Exercise
8. Cautions and Precautions

2  Basic Maneuvers of Chinese Qigong

1. Nei Yang Gong (Inner-Nourishing Qigong Exercise)
2. Fang Song Gong (Relaxation Qigong Exercise)
3. Xu Ming Gong (Qigong Exercise for Psychosomatic Emptiness and Serenity)
4. Zhou Tian Gong (Heavenly Circuit Qigong)
5. Yang Sheng Zhuang (Health-Preserving Qigong Exercise)
6. Yin Shi Zi Jing Zuo Gong (Yinshizi's Static Sitting Qigong Exercise)
7. Qiang Zhuang Gong (Roborant Qigong Exercise)
8. Xin Qi Gong Liao Fa (A new Set of Qigong Therapy) 
9. Ma Jia Qi Gong (The Ma's Qigong Exercise)
10. Qi Gong Zi Wo Kong Zhi Liao Fa  (Self-Controlled Qigong Therapy)
11. Shaolin Neijin Yizhichan (Shaolin Single-Finger Meditation Qigong Exercise)
12. Tai Hu Zhuang (The Taihu-Lake Qigong Exercise)
13. Yi Jin Jing (The Muscle-Strengthening Qigong Exercise)
14. Wu Qin Xi (The Frolics of Five Animals)
15. Xi Sui Jin Jing (The Marrow-Cleansing Qigong Exercise)

3 Qigong Exercise for Therapeutic Purposes

1. Pulmonary Emphysema
2. Chronic Gastritis
3. Gastroduodenal Ulcer
4. Chronic Colitis
5. Constipation
6. Diabetes
7. Chronic Prostatitis
8. Sexual Impotence
9. Prospermia
10. Hemorrhoid
11. Chronic Nephritis
12. Cervical Spondylosis
13. Lumbago
14. Scapulohumeral Periarthritis 
15. Dysmenorrhea
16. Chronic Pelvic Inflammation
18. Primary Hypertension
19. Rheumatic Heart Disease
20. Coronary Heart Disease
21. Neurasthenia
22. Headache
23. Palpitation
24. Pulmonary Carcinoma
25. Mammary Cancer

4 Other Methods of Chinese Qigong

1. Qigong Exercise for Improving Intelligence
2. Qigong Exercise for Giving Up Smoking
3. Qigong Exercise for Cosmesis
4. Qigong Exercise for Reducing Body Weight


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