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  HerbPro 1.0 Updated July 10,2007 Herbal software updated    
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  HerbPro 1.0 is latest herbal software to study herbs and formulas, it's contents are taken from textbooks of TCM universities in China. This herbal software includes general information , friendly interface, flexible inquiring system, clear pictures, extended private knowledge data system, all of them will give you easy way to study herbal medicine of TCM. HerbPro 1.0 is run in Microsoft Windows 9X/2000/NT/XP/VISTA. It's a powerful herbal software to learn Chinese herb.    
  Main function of this herbal software    
  1. inquiring of herbal knowledge including text and picture.    
  2. inquiring of formulas knowledge    
  3. opened database that users can add personal herbal knowledge to it.    
  Herbal software background    
  1. The medical knowledge based on the advanced textbooks of TCM colleges, combined with modern research.    
  2. flexible manipulations.    
  3. The herbal software includes 330 herbs, 330 herb color pictures and 189 formulas.    
  Herbal software screenshot    
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