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  HerbPro 1.0 Manual    

IBM PC/486 or higher computer
40MB free HD
Microsoft Windows 9X/2000/NT/XP

Software installation
Run Microsoft Windows 9X/2000/NT/XP at first and then run Herbpro.EXE. Follow the instructions displayed on the window.

HerbPro 1.0 is locked in advanced for copy protection. The user will need to unlock it.

Once HerbPro 1.0 is installed, user will need to contact the distributor or salesman (sales@softtcm.com) for one Register Code to fully activate the program.

How to accomplish this procedure:
1) Start up HerbPro 1.0.
2) Click Register in main menu.
3) The User Name and Serial Number will be shown in the screen. If you pay the license fee of the program , please supply User Name and Serial Number to the distributor by email (by clicking Mail key or mail to sales@softtcm.com). The distributor will send you a Register Code. Enter Register Code to Register Code bar and click Register Key to completely unlock the program.

Please keep the Register Code in safe place. It is useful when reinstall HerbPro 1.0 in the same computer. It is not suitable to other computers.

There are four tables on this interface including Select Herb / Information of the Herb / Searching / Your Own.

Select Herb
Herbs on the left frame of interface are classified into 21 categories according to their functions; Herbs on the right frame are shown by the order of first letter of herbal name, herbs here are taken from software database (the herbs added by your own is not included ). To double click the name of herbs what you want will enter ¡¤Information of the Herb.

Information of the Herb
Relative knowledge of herbs are displayed on this interface including Earliest Record / Part Used & Method / Properties & Taste / Meridians / Dosage / Functions / Indications / Cautions, click on Graphic Key to inquire relative pictures.

To input a keyword what you want to search, then to choose the searching ranges including All Categories / Pharmaceutical Name / Common Name / Part Used & Method / Properties & Taste / Meridians / Functions / Indications / Cautions, to click key of GO, the frame on right side will display herbs that system searches, then to double click the name of herbs to get detailed information.

Your Own
This interface displays the list of herbs that you add, to double click its name can inquire detailed information. Attention: the herbs that you add do not include pictures. Delete key: Delete your own herbs from your own database. But the herb you deleted maybe use in your own prescription. If delete it, it will be removed from your own formula by system. Be careful.

The two tables on left side display formula lists separately from system database and your own database, to click on its name will show detailed information on Prescription Infor. Table including Construction / Dosage / Methods / Functions / Indications. Delete key: Delete your own formulas from your own database.

Add Herb
To add herbs to your own database.

Add your own formulas
To add your own formulas to your own database.
All of herbs in system Database and your own database are displayed on the frame of Construction, to continuously highlight the herbs that you want by clicking, then to click Add Key, the herbs you choose are shown on the Grid of right side, to input dosage on each herb, Delete Key can delete the herbs you do not want, to finish other information, then to click Save Key at last.

Remark: Your own herbs and formulas are saved in the installation directory of HerbPro 1.0 with filename of yourown.mdb, users can copy it for backup.


Copyright (C) SoftTcm, 2008. All Rights Reserved.

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